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The history of our company dates back to 1983. We started our business with plastic production. Having a comprehensive set of injection molding machines, we still produce various types of sleeves, plastic spools, caps, caps, etc.

In the 1990s, we expanded our business to include a cardboard assortment. We are a manufacturer of spiral-wound paper sleeves. In 2004, we launched the production of cardboard angles. The highest quality components used to produce our products meet all currently applicable ecological standards. The products we produce have current hygienic certificates - issued by the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene.

Our products have also been tested by the Paper Products Certification Department at the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers, as a result of which we received: certificates of compliance with the currently applicable regulations contained in the Act of June 13, 2013 - on the management of packaging and packaging waste and the relevant provisions of Directive 94/62/EC. We have received a certificate of compliance with the PKN-CEN/CR 13695-1:2005 (U) standard, a certificate of compliance with the PN-EN 13428:2007 standard, and a certificate of compliance with the PN-EN 13430:2007 standard.

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Turplast - Eco and Quality Products

Systematic investments in the development of our machinery help us adapt to the individual needs of our clients. Thanks to these activities, we can optimally meet the requirements of our contractors, while ensuring very favorable prices.

Our offer includes: cardboard angles, cardboard angles, cardboard angles, sleeves, cardboard sleeves, cardboard sleeves, cardboard angles, bobbins. Our company is a manufacturer. We produce packaging for securing goods, pallets, shipments, cardboard, made of cardboard, spools, cardboard spools, packaging, cardboard packaging, cylindrical packaging, cardboard, coils, cardboard products, sleeves, sleeve blanks, tubes, thimbles, haberdashery thimbles, reels, packaging , cardboard, coils, cardboard sleeves, sleeves, cardboard packaging, cylindrical packaging, cardboard sleeves, thimbles, packaging, cardboard packaging, sleeves. We became famous as a manufacturer of cardboard sleeves for the cotton industry and a manufacturer of cardboard packaging. Turplast angle brackets protect pallets and secure palletized goods during transport.

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