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Turplast cardboard dividers made of solid cardboard

Standard dimensions are: A. 1200 mm x 800 mm and B: 1100 mm x 800 mm


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Turplast cardboard dividers made of solid cardboard

When securing the goods with a corner, it is often necessary to protect the top of the pallet against dirt or damage; cardboard dividers are used for this purpose.

An additional function of cardboard dividers is to protect the layers of goods against damage and stabilize the load.

Unlike corrugated cardboard dividers, Turplast solid cardboard dividers:

- Turplast cardboard dividers take up less space (a 1.8 m high pallet can accommodate 5 x more Turplast cardboard dividers than corrugated cardboard dividers)

- Turplast cardboard dividers do not increase the height of the pallet as much as corrugated cardboard dividers (thin, yet very durable)

- Turplast cardboard spacers guarantee load stabilization during transport

- Turplast cardboard dividers after use are less trouble for your customer, because the amount of cardboard is much smaller than in the case of corrugated cardboard dividers

- Turplast cardboard spacers have slightly rounded corners of the cardboard spacers to avoid cutting the stretch film when securing - wrapping pallets

- Turplast cardboard dividers are also available in a "sharp" version, where the corners of the cardboard dividers are cut at an angle of 90o


Standard dimensions are: A. 1200 mm x 800 mm and B: 1100 mm x 800 mm

On request, Turplast cardboard dividers can be dimensioned according to the customer's request.

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